Collection of Things (I've Lived While I Wasn't Worried About Doing Anything Else) is a playful, light-hearted zine exploring the events and memories of my gap year.

“A Collection of Things I’ve Lived When I Wasn’t Worried About Doing Anything Else” highlights thoughts and experiences I’ve had during my year off between my third and final year of university. This book is a personal narrative of ambiguous events. It is not meant to be read as a clear or linear journey (despite my personal development) — it is a collection of things. It just *is*.


Design, Photography,
Copywriting, Production


Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop


December 2019


The book is a double-sided, loose-leaf compilation of random folds and pages encased in a vellum envelope. The first part of the book narrates the year off through photos, captions, and inconsistency of page folds and formats. When flipped over, the second part depicts places that I have been through full-page imagery, descriptive content on the location and thoughts from my experiences. Readers are free to pull pages out interpret things however they like.

Reflecting the content, the book focuses more on an experimental process than a final, perfected outcome, style or story. It began with a will to explore, a collection of different materials and the simple goal of creating, documenting and expressing.

Both the story and the physical object represent a playfulness in the journey and an opportunity to explore. The final book is a fun, light-hearted and personal book that acts as a glimpse into a moment of my life. It is not perfect, but that is one of the qualities that make it more intimate and fun.