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How might we encourage the use of personalized music for people living with dementia in order toand stimulate autobiographical memories?


Tempo is a mobile and tablet app and smart headphone set that seeks to create a positive, familiar and engaging listening experience for seniors living with dementia through personalized music.

The app targets both people living with dementia and their loved ones by generating personalized music playlists, providing the ability to add memories to songs and fostering a simplified user experience so that people with earlier stages of dementia can listen and use the app independently. The smart headphone set is able to read/monitor brainwaves, track data, organize music accordingly and notify caretakers and loved ones of extreme brain activity.

The Tempo listening mode is designed specifically for people with dementia. The simplified interface and clear prompts are designed to reduce frustration. Users can listen to music, perform simple actions and open up pre-inputted memories that are associated with songs.

Full case study coming soon.


Contextual user interviews, collaborative design thinking, UX/UI designs, prototyping, design validation


Figma, Whimsical,


2 months

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