UMO is a smart timer and companion app that helps you stay focused, complete tasks more effectively, and manage your time with less distractions.


My team was tasked to create a smart device and companion app. 

I took on the roles of UX researcher, designer, and product manager. Throughout the project, I lead the team by facilitating activities to create collaborative work, setting up files, and maintaining project health. As a team, we created branding, user scenarios, and wireframes. I lead the user researcher and owned the dashboard, tagging and tracking data user experience.


Heather Chang, Ngoc Dao
(2 designers)


Figma, Invision, Principle, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Miro


November – December 2019
(6 weeks)


A study found that 49 percent of students reported feeling “a great deal of stress” on a daily basis. Half reported doing three or more hours of homework per night in addition to jobs, hobbies, and extracurricular activities.

My team conducted secondary and primary research to determine four paint points that are deterimental to focus on long or multiple projects:

Burn Out

People are working hard for too long without taking breaks. They can become emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted when they are stressed for long periods of time.


Feeling unmotivated because they don’t know where their time is going. Don’t know if things are worth their time. Don't know how much time they’re spending on tasks.


Studies show that the brain can only focus for about 10-30 minutes at a time. When you go past that, the brain starts to distract itself by looking at other things.


People “multi-task” in order to get more things done faster. While we feel like were being productive, we’re actually losing productivity in compared to focusing on a single task.


How might we encourage healthier focusing habits and produce higher productivity in students and young working people to avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed?


The Pomodoro Technique is a time management system that encourages people to work with the time they have—rather than against it by using a system of working sessions and breaks.

UMO uses this method, by breaking down the workday into 25-minute chunks separated by five-minute breaks. After about four pomodoros, you take a longer break of about 15 to 20 minutes. UMO creates better working atmospheres, using light and sound to create ambience. After working, users can track where there time is going by allocating sessions to tasks/tags.


→ Focus Sessions
→ Smart Breaks
→ Distraction Blocker

→ Time Manager
→ Ambience
→ Light and portable

How It Works



Understanding the User

We conducted a PACT analysis, user interviews and an empathy map to establish our personas and determine the key pain points.

Market Research

We conducted a benchmark analysis on 3 physical objects and 6 apps and analyzed how they approached our problem.

We later analyzed 5 more apps to better understand how they synced with smart devices.

Benchmark analysis


Ideation – Smart Device

Feature Prioritization

We brainstormed to explore the different ways we can attempt to enhance productivity. After establishing a focus on the pomodoro technique, we did a feature exploration session. We narrowed down our product durther using the MoSCoW method.


Initial sketches of the device and its' functions.

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 10.47.00 PM

Interaction Map


Device Breakdown


Ideation – Mobile App

System Map

App system map and information architecture.


User Flows + Wireframes

Design is an iterative process. We created iterations of our user flows -- the first of which was more in depth and complex, before simplifying them to the bare minimum.

View user flows.

Displayed are the wireframes that are the skeleton of our final product.

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 11.08.14 PM

Look + Feel

Design Principles

Simplicity — 
something that users can easily learn and implement in their workflows.

Motivating —
we want people to enjoy doing work. A "buddy" provides a fun take on productivity while also encouraging accountability.

Informative — 
tracks progress, visualizes it for easy understanding, keeps users organized and provides them with insights on their time usage.

Visual Design

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 2.56.48 PM

Mobile App


  1. Allow users to track their time after the fact.
  2. Allow users to view their tracked time and trends over time.
  3. Allow users to select more curated atmospheres + ambience.

Getting Started

Simple onboarding and app walkthrough

Tagging Sessions

Easily assign your sessions to tags in order to track where your time is going

Visualize data

View sessions through charts and logs across various periods of time


Select preferred device light colour and sound or preset to create your ideal work environment


Use reports to visualize progress and inspire further productivity